A St Petersburg State University student expelled from the university in apparent retaliation after a protest action in support of Azat Miftakhov

Elena Skvortsova, a journalism student at the Saint Petersburg State University, and an opposition and a human rights activist, has been expelled from the university in an apparent retaliation for her political activities. Officially Elena was expelled for failing to complete her required practical training. However, Novaya Gazeta reports that the university administration has made it impossible […]

A court in Moscow arrested the head of the Kurier trade union for five days. He was reporting from the court, where the verdict was to be announced to Azat Miftakhov

According to Novaya Gazeta, the Koptevsky District Court of Moscow arrested the correspondent of the YouTube channel Vestnik Buri Originals and the chairman of the Kurier trade union Kirill Ukraintsev for five days for allegedly calling to participate in an unauthorized action near the Golovinsky court, where on January 11 they planned to announce the […]