Azat Miftakhov Days Against the War – Program – July 5-6, 2022

In view of the unprecedented brutality and destructiveness of Russia’s criminal aggression against Ukraine, we have renamed our event, that was originally announced before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, into “Azat Miftakhov Days Against the War”. As we continue to fight for Azat’s release from prison, we stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian mathematicians and the […]

A military appeals court leaves the verdict in the case of Kansk teens unchanged

On May 16 a military appeals court left unchanged the sentences in the case of three Kansk teens. The three boys, who were 14-year old at the time, were originally arrested in June 2020 in Kansk while putting leaflets in support of Azat Miftakhov on the wall of a local FSB office. They were later charged with […]