MSU post-graduate student Azat Miftakhov was injured at work in the Kirov colony

A mathematician and a political prisoner Azat Miftakhov was injured during an industrial accident while working on a sawmill at the Correctional Colony no. 17 in the Omutninsky district go the Kirov province, as reported by his wife Elena Gorban.

At the sawmill Azat had to work with large diameter logs, in -25C frost, rolling the logs with his left hand onto a moving belt. The work is known to be dangerous,  and without much training he suffered a mishap and his hand was crushed.

Azat was taken to the infirmary, where an X-ray of his hand showed that there was no fracture. Nevertheless he received a work release for a week.  The accident happened in October but Azat did not inform his family then, not wanting them to worry. According to Elena Gorban, over a month after the accident a finger on Azat’s left hand was still visibly swollen. Elena had a short meeting with her husband at the Correctional Colony no. 17 on December 17. The meeting took place in a special room with a glass partition, with Azat and Elena communicating on the phone, and a correctional employee of the colony present the entire time.

Azat reported that he is finishing a carpentry course, learning to make hangers, mops and stools. There will be an exam in January where he will need to make a bar stool. Azat also wants to complete a glazier course. According to him, the prisoners in the Kirov colony are fed well, much better than in Moscow. However, it is very cold in the Omutninsky district, and they are forbidden to cover their faces.

Reported by Idel.Realii

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