A military appeals court leaves the verdict in the case of Kansk teens unchanged

On May 16 a military appeals court left unchanged the sentences in the case of three Kansk teens. The three boys, who were 14-year old at the time, were originally arrested in June 2020 in Kansk while putting leaflets in support of Azat Miftakhov on the wall of a local FSB office. They were later charged with trumped up “terrorism” offenses. On February 10, 2020 a military court in Kansk sentenced Nikita Uvarov, who, like Azat, denied any guilt from the start, to five years in prison. The other two boys, Bogdan Andreyev and Denis Mikhailenko, who initially admitted some guilt under coercion, received suspended sentences of four and three years. After the May 16 appeals  court ruling, Nikita Uvarov is expected to shortly be transferred to a juvenile penal colony to serve his sentence.

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