Memorial is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

The Azat Miftakhov Committee congratulates the Russian human rights organization Memorial on being awarded the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize. The other two recipients of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize are Ales Bialiatski, a human rights advocate from Belarus, and the Ukrainian human rights organization Center for Civil Liberties.

Since its founding in 1987, Memorial has bravely fought for human rights in Russia and the former Soviet Union. Their work in defense of democracy is particularly important now, when Russia is being plunged into dark depth of authoritarian oppression by Putin’s mad imperial ambitions and Russia’s bloody war of aggression in Ukraine.

We are particularly grateful to Memorial for their support of the case of Azat Miftakhov, whom Memorial declared a political prisoner. Memorial was also an invaluable co-organizer and participant of the human rights panel during the 2022 Azat Miftakhov Days against the War.

We once again sincerely congratulate Memorial on being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and hope that Memorial will continue its fight for a free, peaceful and democratic Russia.

The Azat Miftakhov Committee

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