Send a birthday greeting to Azat Miftakhov!

On March 21, Azat will mark his fifth birthday in prison – he will turn 30. This was supposed to be his last birthday spent behind bars. However, now we need to ask everyone to help with publicizing the intentions of the FSB to continue imprisoning him.

Many people opposed the first criminal prosecution of Azat. There were statements of support by mathematicians from all over the world, mass visits to courts, events, actions, letters, and, most importantly, the attention and involvement of thousands of people. Unfortunately, if the persecution repeats, it will be much harder to go through this path a second time without your support!

Therefore, we urge you to congratulate Azat! At the same time, we will demonstrate to the authorities that during several years spent in prison camps he has not been forgotten.

We are especially eager for your photo greetings: original and unusual, as well as last minute onesl. Post them on your social networks with the #freeazat tag and send them to us by the end of March 21  to @freeazat_bot (or by email to On that day, all photos will be published and then sent to Azat.

In addition, you can hold solidarity evenings or offer any other formats of congratulations and support actions. For example, you can congratulate Azat from abroad by holding a picket at the Russian embassy. All questions, suggestions and reports from the shares also send to @freeazat_bot (or by email to


This call was published by FreeAzat! on March 6th, 2023 and translated to English by the Azat Miftakhov Committee

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