A middle-schooler remains jailed in Kansk since June 2020 on a putative terrorism charge originating from putting up posters in support of Azat Miftakhov

In June 2020 in the Siberian city of Kansk, the FSB agents arrested three 14-year-old boys who were putting up posters in support Azat Miftakhov and who put some of these posters outside a local FSB office. The boys were charged with being an anarchist terror cell. A major piece of purported evidence in the case is that in a computer game Minecraft the boys created an FBS building  which they were blowing up in the game.  One of the boys, Nikita Uvarov, refused to admit any guilt and remains imprisoned in pretrial detention since his initial arrest in June 2020. The Russian media reports that the criminal charges against the boys have been upgraded in November 2020. Another boy, Denis Mikhailenko, has also been in prison since November 2020.

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