Michèle Audin: For the release of Azat Miftakhov – because science needs freedom

Michèle Audin, who supports Azat Miftakhov received an invitation from the Russian media RT to collaborate, as an expert and speaker, on a documentary dedicated to the “exceptional Russian mathematician” Sofia Kovalevskaya (and offering her, not a salary or remuneration, but a “reward”). She replied to RT that she had searched in vain on their site for information about Azat Miftakhov, adding:

“Depending on the skills you recognize me on Sofia Kovalevskaya, I sincerely believe that what this mathematician would do today would be to defend this colleague. We mathematicians are not looking for ‘rewards’ as you elegantly say, but for freedom – because how can we imagine doing science without freedom?”

Read Michèle Audin’s post on her Mediapart Blog.

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