Mathematicians wish Azat a Happy Birthday

Azat Miftakhov celebrates his 30th birthday, the fifth in prison, on March 21. On this occasion, many mathematicians from all over the world sent him their best wishes and expressed their solidarity.

University of Tokyo

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley
Max-Planck-Institut, Bonn
University of California at Los Angeles

Warmest birthday greetings Azat; may you have success in all things

Professor Barry Mazur, Harvard

Happy birthday Azat! You are not forgotten, and we are all together in fighting for justice!

Professor Ivar Ekeland (Paris-Dauphine University)
Alain Chenciner, Emeritus Professor University Paris VII-Denis Diderot

Hello. Azat!

Happy birthday to you!

The international mathematical community continues to remember and support you. We hope that you will be free soon.

With great respect,

Ilya Kapovich
Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Hunter College, New York

“With hope for release and warm wishes to Azat and Elena”

Simone Davis
daughter of the late Chandler Davis, former member of the Azat Miftakhov Committee

My best wishes to Azat Miftakhov!

Yves Meyer

Abel Prize winner 2017, Member of the French Academy of Sciences

Insitut Fourier, University of Grenoble

Happy birthday, Azat!

Christophe Soulé, CNRS, IHES and French Academy of Sciences

Happy birthday, Azat!

Michael Waldschmidt, Sorbonne University, IMJ-PRG

We send hearty congratulations to Azat on his birthday, with the hope that he will be free soon

Viviane Baladi (CNRS) and Thomas Persson (CMS), photo taken during a visit to the Mittag-Leffler Institute

Professor Mikhail Lobanov, Moscow State University

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